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The four units below have a Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer. The LED bulbs will last about 100,000 hours. The lights turn on at dark and off at dawn. U.L. listed. It is estimated, if you used one of these LED lights 12 hours every day for an entire year, It would use about 25 cents worth of electricity.
LED & Regular Night Light Replacement Bulbs
LED NITE LIGHT & POWER FAILURE LIGHT When the power goes off, this light goes on. Two hour battery back-up. Unit may be removed from outlet and used as a temporary flashlight. #08810 - $8.95 ea
LED NITE LIGHT With 3 OUTLETS Instead of loosing an outlet, you gain one and have high tech very low cost light. #08874 - $6.95 ea
TRADITIONAL STYLE LED NITE LIGHT Of course the only thing traditional about this light is the style. The bulb will last over 20 years. #08879 - $4.49 ea
THEATER STYLE LED NITE LIGHT Control the direction of the light with the built-in louvers. #08878 - $4.99 ea

The following two traditional style night lights are great for use in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, entrance, nursery or hallway. These units are designed for years of carefree operation.
LED NIGHT LIGHT with ON-OFF SWITCH 120V - Manual On-Off Switch Clear decorative plastic lens. 3 3/8" high x 1 1/4" wide. #09429 - $ 3.39 ea | 5+ $ 3.19 ea
LED NIGHT LIGHT with AUTOMATIC SENSOR 120V - Auto On-Off Sensor Clear decorative plastic lens. 3 1/2" high x 1 1/4" wide. #09427 - $3.99 ea | 5+ $3.79 ea
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